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To access Sitefinity Insight, you use your Sitefinity Insight credentials on the Sitefinity Insight login page.

The following sections explain how to obtain Sitefinity Insight credentials.

Sitefinity Insight users

Only invited users can access Sitefinity Insight. If you are not invited, you can request an invitation from your Sitefinity Insight administrator.  

Sitefinity Insight uses Microsoft Azure Active Directory for authentication purposes, so you need to have either an Azure Active Directory Account or a Microsoft Account. An Azure Active Directory Account is obtained from your organization, whereas Microsoft Accounts are typically for personal use. If you do not have an account matching your invitation email to Sitefinity Insight, you will be asked to create a Microsoft Account, before logging to Sitefinity Insight for the first time.

Once you are invited in Sitefinity Insight, you will receive invitational email. For more information, see Invite users.

NOTE: Sitefinity Insight uses Microsoft Azure Active Directory for authentication only. Access to specific Sitefinity Insight accounts and datacenters is managed in Sitefinity Insight administrative console. For more information, see Manage user permissions.

License-holders and administrators

Once a license is obtained, the license-holder gets an email invitation from the Sitefinity CMS sales team to register and activate the company's Sitefinity Insight account. The license-holder or the Sitefinity Insight account administrators then invite other users via email to register their Sitefinity Insight accounts. For more information, see Invite users.

Sitefinity Insight administrators can invite users and give them different sets of permissions. For more information, see Manage users in data centers and accounts.

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