Manage user permissions

Once you grant access to a user to a particular data center or account, you can always edit the permissions of the respective user. In addition, you can delete a user and thus refuse this user access.

Data center level

Navigate to your data center » Access tab page to:

  • Grant access to a user by adding them to the data center.
    For more information, see Add users to data centers.
  • Stop access of users to this data center

    NOTE: You cannot stop the access the users with special access, that is, users that are account administrators.

Account level

As an account administrator, in the Users section, select any user. In the Settings menu (cog icon), you can:   

  • Delete the user
    The user no longer has access to this account and any of its data centers.
  • Edit user access and roles
    For more information about what access rights you can grant a user, see Manage users in data centers and accounts.
  • Resend the invitation
    The case may be that the user did not see the invitation or the email went in the Junk folder of the user's email.


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