Manage user permissions

Once you grant access to a user to a particular data center or account, you can always edit the permissions of the respective user. In addition, you can delete a user and thus refuse this user access.

Data center level

Navigate to your data center » Access tab page to:

  • Grant access to a user by adding them to the data center.
    For more information, see Add users to data centers.
  • Stop access of users to this data center.
    To do this, click Manage access link for the user account you want to manage. The Manage user window opens.

    NOTE: You cannot stop the access of the users with special access, that is, users that are account administrators.

Account level

As an account administrator, in the Administration » Users section, select any user. In the Settings icon(Settings) menu, you can:   

  • Edit user access and roles.
    For more information about what access rights you can grant a user, see Manage users in data centers and accounts.
  • Resend the invitation.
    Use this option to resend the invitation email in case when the user did not receive the invitation.
  • Delete the user.
    The user no longer has access to this account and any of its data centers.


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