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Connect to Sitefinity

To connect your Sitefinity CMS instance to Sitefinity Insight, you use the dedicated connector in Sitefinity CMS. The connector handles data input from your Sitefinity CMS instance to the cloud. Data is derived through tracking of the behavior of website visitors. In addition, the connector enables you to personalize pages in Sitefinity CMS based on personas defined in Sitefinity Insight.


To connect to Sitefinity Insight, you need one of the following licenses:

  • Any license for Sitefinity DX 14.0 or a later version
  • For Sitefinity CMS 13.x or earlier:
    • Sitefinity CMS Marketing Online Edition license
    • Sitefinity CMS Enterprise Edition license

For more information about licenses, your account, or about getting a trial version of Sitefinity Insight, contact

Once you connect, Sitefinity CMS starts sending all tracked usage data to Sitefinity Insight straight away.

For more information, see Connect to Sitefinity Insight.

Connect to non-Sitefinity CMS websites or mobile applications

If your website is not running on Sitefinity CMS, or you want to track the customer experience in your mobile apps along with the website, you can leverage the Sitefinity Insight JavaScript SDK. You can configure tracking directly in the website HTML, but if you are already using Google Tag Manager you do not have to change the current configuration, you can simply reuse the Google tags you already defined.

For more information about available SDKs, see Development.
For more information about integration with Google Tag Manager, see Upload data through Google Tag Manager.

Connect to other systems

If, in your scenario, data is spread across disparate systems, you will need to integrate Sitefinity Insight with the systems to capture and analyze the entire customer journey. To do this, you can:

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