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Anomaly Detection and Prediction Architecture

Anomaly Detection and Prediction is unique in that it taps into the flood of data coming from every sensor, combining it with historical asset performance and other external information to analyze data holistically. The result is an environment of improved real-time visibility that enables everyone—from frontline employees to top management—to make insight-driven decisions that are highly accurate, fast and scalable.


Data from multiple sources is crunched to ascertain the normal range for given conditions.


Patterns are identified to determine outliers (anomalies) beyond the normal range.


Patented algorithms are applied to predict future anomalies. All anomalies are allocated scoring indices and flagged for further action.


Action is prioritized based on the significance scores allocated.

Why Progress Anomaly Detection and Prediction?

Identify Unknown Errors

80% of machine failures come from unknown errors. Anomaly Detection and Prediction helps find them.

Analyze Every Asset

A built-in digital twin model accounts for environmental, operational and manufacturing factors.

Increase Data Science Effectiveness

Focus your valuable data science efforts on strategic analysis vs. managing the repetitive tasks required to develop analytical models.

Run Complex Workloads

Distributes processing lets you run complex workloads at scale while reducing the number of modeling experiments needed to devise highly accurate models.


Superior Prediction Accuracy

Partial data sets and generalized models significantly reduce prediction accuracy. Progress analyzes all machine data to uncover anomalies before they become failures.

Maximize Equipment Effectiveness

Existing approaches detect known, repeated conditions, accounting for only 20% of equipment failures. Progress targets 100% of equipment conditions, detecting both repeated and random failures.

Deliver in Days

Traditional solutions take months to implement and tie up valuable data science resources. Progress delivers results in days with minimal data science efforts.

Applicable to Multiple Industries

Boost revenue by creating an environment that functions at optimum efficiency. Any asset-intensive industry can benefit from cognitive anomaly detection and prediction:

  • Reduce factory downtime by 50%
  • Reduce scrap production by 75%
  • Increase overall equipment effectiveness by 25%
Oil and Gas
  • Reduce decision errors by 100%
  • Reduce offshore asset breakdown by 75%
  • Gain 56% increase in efficiency
  • Diagnose potential malfunctions 75% faster
  • Improve assembly line uptime by 35%
  • Optimize spare parts availability by 13%
  • Save 50% per hour in grounded aircraft costs
  • Get 75% more control over fuel efficiency
  • Achieve 10X higher ROI
Transportation and Logistics
  • Eliminate unplanned downtime by 100%
  • Improve on-road vehicle performance by 28.5%
  • Boost fleet fuel efficiency by up to 10%
Energy and Utilities
  • Enhance field worker efficiency by 25%
  • Make accurate decisions 5X faster
  • Eliminate 90% of asset uncertainty
Success Story

How IIoT helped Transform a Gas Pipeline

Anomaly Detection and Prediction let the client identify gas pipeline stations with the highest contribution to pipeline performance and the reasons for varying performance between individual stations.

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