Integrating Data from Legacy Systems Improves Sony’s Global Sales to Finance (S2F) Operations for its $9B Business



  • Data integration
  • Aging infrastructure, including a mainframe
  • Massive internal global merger



  • Improved agility to respond to contractual changes
  • Reduced data modeling requirements
  • Faster data ingestion
  • Full data lineage and easy traceability

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Sony merged global distribution organizations covering 175 territories worldwide, which presented challenges such as integrating data from numerous disparate systems—including an aging mainframe. Sony opted to create a financial hub and more with MarkLogic to resolve these challenges, streamlining its global sales to finance (S2F) processes in order to drive more revenue.

At the start of this project, we called that middle box (the MarkLogic piece) the Conversion Hub because we’re Oracle-based and we wanted to create a place where people could look at the data before it get ported back over to Oracle. In that process we got confidence with MarkLogic and said, ‘You know what? We’re grooming this data so let’s stand it up here and let’s write our application around that’ and that became the sales to finance hub with MarkLogic.

Robert Maxwell

Vice President, Worldwide IT, Sony Pictures Entertainment


Sony is using MarkLogic at the heart of a globally integrated workflow to simplify and speed the complex process of managing TV program distribution and sales. MarkLogic acts as an Operational Data Hub (ODH) to manage intricate contractual arrangements. The ODH solution also makes it easy for Sony’s finance team to access and transact with data to drive Sony’s licensing revenue.


Streamlined S2F

MarkLogic serves as the hub to improve Sony’s sales to finance (S2F) system to increase global sales.

Improved Agility

Sony improved the ability to respond to contractual changes, thus allowing the business to make more money.

Increased Productivity

Developers —particularly Java developers— quickly became even more productive in the new environment.

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