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PepsiCo Russia sought to maintain its winning market position by leveraging intuitive business applications.


The company is using the Progress OpenEdge platform to run its largest and most mission-critical application -- the Pepsi Sales & Distribution system (PS&D) which manages all sales, dispatch, accounts receivable and warehouse management administration operations.


Using OpenEdge, PepsiCo Russia is maximizing its sales execution, service, merchandizing and operations. OpenEdge has continuously delivered high performance, reliability, adaptability and a low total cost of ownership. And the open architecture of OpenEdge has enabled PepsiCo to successfully integrate PS&D with a number of third-party systems.


One billion times a day, in 200 countries around the world, consumers are satiated with PepsiCo food and beverage products. The Company’s flagship brand, Pepsi-Cola, was actually one of the first and most popular American products to hit the Soviet market. Today PepsiCo’s broad range of food and beverage products can be found in 98% of the retail outlets across Russia.

To help achieve superior sales execution, service, merchandizing and operations, the company depends on the Progress® OpenEdge® application development and deployment platform. Its biggest and most mission-critical system is the Pepsi Sales & Distribution (PS&D) system. Built on Progress OpenEdge in the 1990s to collect and process customer orders, its functionality has expanded substantially. Today it is used by 1,700 people, and the software handles all sales, dispatch, accounts receivable and warehouse management administration.

PepsiCo Russia benefits from OpenEdge’s high performance, low cost of ownership, reliability and adaptability for other locally and centrally deployed applications. At most of its plants and distribution centers you will find OpenEdge-based solutions. One example is the Marketing Equipment Management (MEM) system. MEM automates processes such as receiving, write-off, pick-up, installation, in-house transfer, and inventory control for all the cooling and marketing equipment materials for all Russian subsidiaries. One of the most recent additions was an application to support the EDI-based document exchange processes.

Over the years, PepsiCo made sure the OpenEdge applications stayed current to meet business demands and evolving enterprise IT needs. OpenEdge’s Open Architecture enabled PS&D to successfully integrate with business systems such as SAP, SAP BusinessObjects Analytical Reporting and Antor’s GIS systems. PS&D, like many of the other homegrown OpenEdge-based applications, is connected through the Progress Sonic enterprise service bus (ESB).

With the help of Progress and the Progress distributor, Progress Technologies, PepsiCo Russia relies on intuitive business applications to help them maintain its winning market position.

About PepsiCo

PepsiCo offers the world’s largest portfolio of billion-dollar food and beverage brands, including 22 brands that generate more than $1 billion in annual retail sales each year. Its main businesses—Quaker, Tropicana, Gatorade, Frito-Lay, and Pepsi Cola—also make hundreds of other enjoyable and wholesome foods and beverages that are respected household names throughout the world. With global net revenues of more than $65 billion, PepsiCo’s people are united by a unique commitment to sustainable growth by investing in a healthier future for people and the planet, which they believe also means a more successful future for PepsiCo. This commitment is called Performance with Purpose: PepsiCo’s promise to provide a wide range of foods and beverages for local tastes. It includes finding innovative ways to minimize the impact on the environment by conserving energy and water usage and reducing packaging volume; providing a great workplace for PepsiCo’s associates; and respecting, supporting, and investing in local communities where the Company operates.
PepsiCo is the largest food and beverage manufacturer in Russia and CIS. In Russia the company has more than 40 local production plants and employs approximately 25,000 people. In 2011 the PepsiCo family was joined by Wimm-Bill-Dann, the largest manufacturer of dairy products and beverages in Russia and the CIS, founded in 1992.

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