Payworks Leverages Progress Sitefinity DX’s .NET Core Frontend to Improve Digital Experiences for Users



Realizing there was a market opportunity to improve their website, Payworks’ digital marketing team wanted to create a more consistent digital experience within their current branding.


Utilize Sitefinity DX’s decoupled .NET Core renderer and align with other technologies used internally.


Increased leads quarter over quarter as website’s usability and domain authority improved.

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Payworks is a Canadian HR software company focusing on payroll and workforce management services for companies of all sizes. Setting itself apart from other companies, Payworks wants to provide all customers with a seamless experience with a dedicated service model.

It’s this company trait that led Payworks to notice a market opportunity. Randy Muns, Manager, Digital Marketing at Payworks, wanted to create a more positive digital experience that better reflects the brand and its customer-centric service model. Muns wanted to redesign the Payworks website to accomplish these goals while also modernizing the technology stack and building a framework that could enable personalization to drive interest and ultimately conversion.

Taking note of the .NET Core expertise in-house, Muns was inspired to find a digital experience platform to match it. Muns, who has experience creating omnichannel experiences on digital platforms, started researching various products. After evaluating the .NET Core capabilities of Progress® Sitefinity® and liking the scalability and flexibility of the product, the marketing team wanted to utilize it.


Connor Bean, Software Developer, Payworks, gave insight into how important .NET Core is to Payworks’ tech stack. He spoke about how most of the development-focused projects within his team were using .NET products. Combined with Muns’ alignment goals, it was a no-brainer to take advantage of these two factors.

When using the .NET frameworks to build pages, the goal was to make the workflow for specific processes easier. To accomplish this goal, they sought to create greater versatility on both the frontend and backend. Bean mentions how leveraging Sitefinity allowed the team to utilize headless capabilities without having it.

“The .NET core renderer allows us to have a sense of being headless with the choice of frontend technology,” said Bean. “On top of the .NET core renderer, the ease of implementation of our design and accessibility requirements is no different than any other application or modern technology stack.”

As part of their customer-first mentality, Muns and his team wanted to bridge the components of Payworks’ website and implement them into the new one. Muns took stock of the content found on product pages. By taking note of what was located on the page, he was eager to help customers connect the dots between products and navigate their pages more easily.


Muns and Bean point out multiple improved features on the Payworks’ website. Better usability resulted in easier logins for all users. However, the most crucial goal, creating a more focused brand experience, was created. Muns speaks about the notable performance and workflow improvements since launching the new experience.

“It’s been important to leverage Sitefinity’s flexibility, take something requiring a very unique and technical skill set and being able to empower several users and contributors around the organization,” said Muns. “From a lead perspective, we’ve received healthy growth, quarter over quarter, since launching the site. This is something we’re paying close attention to.”

With a complete overhaul of both the design and tech stack on the backend, workflows have become smoother. One significant improvement is updating legacy content and posting new content. For example, Muns mentioned the flexibility of the platform enables the HR team to publish available job descriptions quickly and easily.

Muns sums up Payworks’ Sitefinity experience with the following: “There’s enough flexibility and horsepower to fuel a bunch of different things we are looking to do going forward.”

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