Mitchell 1 Optimizes Its Database and Increases Its Market Share

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  • Complex data management and integration of manuals, social media and more
  • Flexible architecture to more quickly integrate data
  • Struggling relational database that couldn’t keep up with the volume or variety of data
  • Competitive landscape


  • Faster Time to Value
  • Increased Revenue
  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Reduced Cost

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Mitchell 1 integrates hundreds of millions of automotive repair orders while delivering comprehensive diagnostic information in seconds. Mitchell 1 uses MarkLogic to power its SureTrack and ProDemand services, and improve the usability of parent company Snap-on’s handheld diagnostic tools, which help auto shops diagnose and fix cars faster. This has resulted in increased business, customer loyalty, and market share.

The MarkLogic database is a powerful tool for us, constantly offering valuable new features like semantics that can further differentiate us from competitors. We can gather valuable information from multiple—and growing—sources, connect the dots across our data siloes, and then answer all of our customers’ questions in one spot. This helps us achieve our end goal of helping customers fix cars faster.

Jeff Grier

Senior Director of Product Development, Mitchell 1


With MarkLogic, Mitchell 1 can ingests data as is, substantially decreasing the need for manual data transformation while dramatically speeding the integration process. Mitchell 1 utilizes MarkLogic Semantics to enrich disparate data sources in real-time, so repair shops know their content is accurate, comprehensive, and up-to-date. When the tools are plugged into a specific car, Mitchell 1 quickly serves up all relevant information – leading to fast and accurate automotive diagnoses, which leads to happy customers.


Faster Time to Market

Mitchell 1 can roll out new features and enhancements in as little as two weeks, versus 6-12 months on its former relational system.

Improved Customer Service

Customers can find helpful repair information in under 30 seconds (compared to as much as 10 minutes with the previous system).

Increased Sales

With improved performance, the new content delivery platform has led to record-breaking sales for Mitchell 1.

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