Legal & General America Applies Progress Sitefinity's Personalization Capabilities to Utilize Customer Segments and Personas to Deliver Seamless Experiences

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After Legal & General America launched its new website, the staff wanted to better connect with new and current users through improved communication channels.



Start leveraging targeting data and buying personas from Sitefinity Insight to redesign the buying process as more customer-focused.



Total leads increased to 21.29% Year-over-Year (YoY), and so did submitted applications (8.92%) and submitted insurance premiums (36.31%).



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Legal & General America (LGA) is one of the most noteworthy companies in the life insurance industry. Recently, the insurance provider launched a brand-new website with the help from Progress Sitefinity partner After its debut, LGA began to focus its marketing efforts on two specific audiences: direct to consumer (D2C) and business to business (B2B). The former are primarily singular consumers looking to purchase life insurance plans; the latter are advisors and partnerships.

With these two customer segments being the marketing team’s focal points of selling, LGA wanted to take full advantage the platform’s personalization capabilities to deliver ideal digital experiences for both groups. The goal was to craft experiences built on content and successfully engage customers.

Assisted by, LGA implemented Progress® Sitefinity® as its primary CMS. However, the team wanted to improve upon its already existing search features, including the on-site search, to help customers find the insurance information they need. Lastly, the team at LGA wanted to retain the same easy-to-use abilities of Sitefinity when it came to publishing and editing content. Not only for themselves, but for potential new users.

Matthew Staudt, Senior Manager - Marketing Analytics, Legal & General America, is familiar with Sitefinity and along with his team was eager to get started creating more personalized experiences for their customers.



Staudt and crew noted how LGA had an abundance of customer and business data. While undergoing a deep analysis of this information, the team were able to start creating specific segments and personas for the D2C and B2B channels. After defining their segments and personas and devising an intense A/B testing process with this customer and website information, Staudt and the marketing team began to target which areas of the website to start improving upon. First on the list was creating more personalized campaigns and messaging. By using their personas and segments, LGA was equipped to start re- enablement campaigns, for the D2C audiences.

“For the folks who already visited our website, gave us their information, and got a quote for insurance, but didn’t convert,” said Staudt. “We can launch an email campaign to link back to our site that would have a reminder of their quote based on the info we already have so each experience will be highly personalized for each individual client.”

LGA was able to redesign the buying experience, while improving on specific problem areas for customers. In another example of their A/B testing abilities, the marketing team can set up new customization options, such as fill-out forms for new customers.

Staudt and the content editing team also created the Advisor Hub, which is specifically for its B2B target. This feature allows LGA’s advisors and additional insurance providers to begin creating their own unique landing pages for marketing campaigns.

Additionally, LGA found themselves being able to implement a few third-party applications to assist with personalization. For example, Yext, a widget specifically designed to build-upon Sitefinity’s search abilities and HubSpot, which assists in creating personalized communication plans to customers.




As the team began building upon their website’s personalization abilities, customers started taking notice. Sales leads on the personalized pages started increasing by 21.19%. To add onto those sales figures, applications were 8.92% up and insurance premiums submitted grew by 36.31%. Going by these increasing numbers, LGA’s digital experiences were certainly improving.

Staudt points out how the new Sitefinity integrations enabled the team to become more creative with what content they produce. Whether it is new landing pages or blogs, the content being published on LGA’s website has had positive SEO results. Organic traffic traveling to LGA’s website rising to 11.18%.

As the Advisor Hub launched, the advisors were able to create quarterly marketing campaigns and themed landing pages. While these pages have their own unique results, Staudt points out how the customer experience from the B2B has greatly improved, especially with the launch of the Advisor Hub.



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