Enqbator Dramatically Increases Page Speed and Increases New Users by Over 300% with Progress Sitefinity

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Enqbator had advanced its corporate design from its logo to its branding and needed its website to better reflect the company's new look and feel. At the same time, it looked to update the technical drawbacks that were making the site a bit laggy to improve page speeds for site functionality and to stay ahead of a forthcoming Google algorithm update that would factor page speed in more in terms of website rankings.


Upgraded its website to Sitefinity 13.3 and underwent a complete redesign to make the site more visually appealing and to increase page speed.


Increased sessions by 128% and pageviews by 155%.

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A digital agency with strong Progress® Sitefinity® expertise, Enqbator builds and replatforms websites and handles complex integrations for its clients between their website, content management systems and third-party services. Enqbator had advanced its corporate design from its logo to its branding and needed its website to better reflect the company's new look and feel. As Katherine Jaucian, Vice President of Strategy and Business Development, Enqbator shared, “We actually went through a branding overhaul where we updated our logo and then started updating some of our marketing materials, so the website was just a natural next step in that process.”  

In addition to a design update on the site and making it more visually appealing, Enqbator sought to make its website more functional (allowing the ability to produce and post more content), and more technically advanced (through increased page speed, the integration of schema and social media integrations).  

At the same time, it looked to update the technology powering the site to improve page speeds and to stay ahead of a forthcoming Google algorithm update that would factor page speed into website rankings more so than it had previously. As Jaucian continued, “We started to look at revamping the website so that we could really focus on creating a website that's faster to load in light of the pending Google algorithm changes. We also implemented schema so that we have better search results in terms of the rich snippets that are coming up for the website.”   


Enqbator upgraded its website to Sitefinity 13.3 and did a complete redesign to make the site more edgy, visually appealing and on-brand. One of the most exciting updates from a content perspective is that the site will feature a new “About” section that breaks off into tabs and covers expertise, case studies and links to client portfolios. Enqbator is also producing videos to be used not only on the website, but across YouTube and social media as well.  

Enqbator integrated its own Enqbator-developed chatbot with Sitefinity to support visitor inquiries, as well as integrated it with Microsoft Dynamics for form-based lead capture. A closer integration was also created with social media to allow news and information found on the website to be more easily posted to social media.  

Repackaging content for the site and going into the backend of the site to make edits have been very simple. As Dave McCauley, Marketing Coordinator, Enqbator, explained, “We were able to redesign our website in a way that made things a lot easier to maintain. We are much more efficient with content updates – the homepage can pull information dynamically and we can get content up faster –which has ultimately helped us from a branding standpoint as well.”  

Jaucian added, “Sitefinity is very intuitive on the backend, so you're able to really do a lot with very little training. So if you have any content management system experience at all, Sitefinity is a really easy CMS  to work in right off the bat.” 


Enqbator was able to completely revamp its website in less than three months and has seen some incredibly impressive results from the spring of 2020 to the spring of 2021. Their upgrade helped improve page speed which drove more traffic and Enqbator saw increases with pageviews increasing by 155% and overall sessions increasing by 128%.  

The media search tool for the site has also been a gamechanger. Given the focus on the site’s look and feel and the imagery choices on high-traffic pages, the way Sitefinity organizes the images and videos through a comprehensive backend media search, has made finding and implementing the most impactful images very efficient. 

In terms of what the social integration did for Enqbator to streamline updates from the website to social channels, McCauley says, “our developers could give us as content administrators, the ability to go in and easily enter titles and images to be used specifically for social media for each post making that whole process a lot more efficient. So if someone's sharing content, we can make sure that images, the right titles, and descriptions specifically for social media can be included, as we're adding just basic content for the page. Posting news and information from the site to social media is a whole lot easier.” 

Next up, Enqbator plans to enhance its chatbot, add demo information to the website, develop new integrations between Microsoft Dynamics and the site, and use its newly developed mass notification platform, “vnotifi”, to advance the sales funnel on the site.  

About Enqbator  

Enqbator is a web development firm based in Troy, Michigan that specializes in all aspects of web development, from websites and mobile apps to analytics and online marketing. Their unparalleled expertise in integrating client sites with clients' internal and external systems provides users with seamless browsing experiences. By striving to work as an extension of each client’s own team, Enqbator has forged long-lasting professional relationships.  If you want more information, please visit: www.enqbator.com 



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