Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union Achieves Improved User Experience and Productivity with Progress Sitefinity

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With an inaccessible backend that made content updates lengthy and tedious, and a front end with a dated interface, Minnesota-based Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union needed to refresh its online presence to meet the growing online banking demands of its 240,000 members.


A CMS that enables content authors to create content then immediately post updates to keep the site fresh



Easy-to-use widgets enable the quick creation of new pages to ensure the site is always fresh and current


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Like so many businesses, Affinity Plus experienced skyrocketing demand for online and remote services at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. And like those other businesses, its website experience needed help. On the backend, basic maintenance and content updates took too long, and they fell on too few people. On the front end, the interface couldn’t live up to the design team’s standards. All of it frustrated internal teams, and made it impossible for Affinity Plus to give its 240,000 (and growing) members the experience they deserved.

After performing due diligence, Affinity Plus realized they needed to begin anew in the digital sense. The team at the Minnesota-based credit union tapped Progress partner, who in turn implemented Progress® Sitefinity®.

“From our old CMS’s limited interface capabilities, to how long it took to update content, to where we were with SEO…we just knew we had to start over,” said Maha Brauch, Director of Digital Services, Affinity Plus.


With its ability for multiple authors to easily create and edit content and immediately publish updates to the site, and with its more flexible and efficient design capabilities and simple tools for SEO, Sitefinity was the ideal fit for Affinity Plus. And those factors, combined with’s experience in the financial space, sealed the deal.

As a leading credit union in the region, Affinity Plus was wholly focused on providing a superior digital experience for its members. And that meant emphasizing content creation and nimble maintenance of their online presence.

“Sitefinity was clearly the best fit for our content management needs,” Brauch said. “Because it’s so easy to use, we no longer have to rely on just a couple of developers to update content. Now we can have several people – writers, editors, product managers and more – create, revise and publish content immediately. And keep dated information off our website.”

Further efficiency is created by Sitefinity. Leveraging its widgets, Affinity Plus designers created building blocks for the whole website. Now they can more quickly and easily add new pages, with flexible designs, anytime. Affinity Plus also takes advantage of Sitefinity’s custom-content capabilities. helped them build several sections for information that’s critical to its members, brand reputation and SEO. And all of this is easily updated by multiple teams.


The results of all that work are reflected in user behavior on the site and efficiency on the backend. Affinity Plus has seen a 43% increase in page views, 73% increase in pages viewed per session and 60% increase in staff productivity. This clearly demonstrates a healthy ROI on their content management efforts.

Before Sitefinity, all content updates used to fall on only a couple of developers. It was difficult and it took a lot of time. Now updates can be done easily by several people across multiple teams and published immediately. And the content presented to Affinity Plus members is fresher and more relevant. Productivity’s better, and so is the member experience.

“We’re now able to give our members the superior service they deserve. And our internal teams are better able to keep our digital presence current and relevant.” said Brauch.


About Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union

Based in St. Paul, Minn., Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union is a not-for-profit, financial cooperative that puts people first above profits. Members of Affinity Plus receive maximum value through competitive rates, minimal fees, and unique, member-centric products and programs. Established in 1930, Affinity Plus has 30 branches located throughout Minnesota and is owned by more than 240,000 members. Affinity Plus has over $3.9 billion in assets. For more information visit


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