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Semaphore Named one of KMWorld’s 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management 2019

March 11, 2019
100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management

Semaphore, the leader in Semantic AI solutions, has been named as one of KMWorld’s 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management 2019. This distinction is given to companies with solutions that represent the best in innovation, creativity, and functionality as well as a clear understanding of customers’ knowledge management needs.

KMWorld is the leading publisher, conference organizer, and information provider serving the knowledge, content, and document management markets. They inform more than 11,000 print subscribers about the components and processes that together offer solutions for improving business performance. In selecting organizations to be included on the list, they consider insights gleaned from their own interactions with companies during interviews and events, how they successfully help customers solve business problems, and they review product updates to ensure that capabilities are advancing to address evolving requirements.

“We are excited to be recognized in the KMWorld 100 Companies That Matter list again this year. That our product is identified by KMWorld as one that meets a tough set of criteria and rigorous evaluation is indeed high praise. This honor demonstrates that our customers continued commitment to Semaphore is validated by the people they serve” says Jeremy Bentley, CEO Semaphore.

About Semaphore

Semaphore’s Semaphore is a Semantic AI platform that enables organizations to reveal and extract knowledge from their digital data ecosystem to yield business insight. Semaphore enriches enterprise information with context and meaning, extracts critical facts and relationships, and harmonizes disparate enterprise information. Semaphore Integrates with content, data, and application systems; supports multiple data types - including graph, and incorporates AI and machine learning strategies to transform digital data into qualified actionable intelligence.

As a Semantic AI platform, Semaphore is applied to digital initiatives such as improving customer experience, contract lifecycle management, records management, data and text analytics, process automation, regulatory compliance, and information security. Our semantic AI layer allows your business to manage knowledge models, automatically extract data and facts from unstructured and structured information; internal and external to the organization, and generate and manage quality metadata.

Semaphore is available on-premise; Software as a Service (SaaS); on-Demand and in hybrid mode. We support the information needs of the world’s largest enterprises to accelerate growth, prevent revenue leakage, minimize risk, govern enterprise information, and deliver value to their organization, customers, partners,
and suppliers.

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