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MarkLogic recognizes Semaphore with 2016 Partner Excellence Award

May 18, 2016
2016 Partner Excellence Award

Last week we headed to San Francisco for the kickoff of MarkLogic World 2016. We manned the Semaphore booth, Anne Lapkin and Toby Conrad presented; Semaphore & MarkLogic; The Information Platform of the Future, we met with customers, networked with industry experts and the high point; we received a partner excellence award from MarkLogic.

"For class and distinction in delivering joint solutions to the marketplace"

For Semaphore, this award acknowledges that the decisions we’ve made with respect to our technology stack, the standards we’ve implemented and the tools we’ve developed are in line with customer needs and industry trends. Semaphore, our Content Intelligence platform, is an enterprise grade, semantic solution that integrates with content management systems, workflow and search engines, business applications and new generation databases like MarkLogic to solve complex problems that traditional technologies cannot.

Semaphore is the combination of semantic technology and information science that allows machines to model, interpret, describe, analyze and visualize the content of the enterprise in order to leverage the human intelligence locked in that content. Semaphore brings structure to the unstructured, scales to manage organizational volumes, and supports industry-standard semantic technologies.


  • Extracts value from information – Automatically extracts the concepts, topics, entities, facts, relationships and sentiment from each piece of information associated with an asset and expresses them as semantic industry-standard RDF triples. These triples are facts which Semaphore creates as it extracts contextual information from your assets.
  • Makes sense of data – Semantically enriches and provides context to unstructured information using classification models to uncover important facts and key information.
  • Discovers new relationships – Using the contextually rich triples, Semaphore identifies relationships and brings them to light in real-time, allowing you to visualize these relationships and discover new insights.
  • Aggregates and links disparate data sources – Unifies and links information from disparate sources with industry-standard RDF triples.
  • Drives relevant search – Interfaces with major search engines and leverages the model and metadata to deliver a compelling search and retrieval experience to find, discover, analyze and govern content.

The seamless integration between Semaphore’s semantic platform and the MarkLogic database allow organizations to leverage the power of each system across platforms for intelligent fact extraction, information asset harmonization, subject classification and enhanced metadata creation. These platforms result in a unified enterprise information system that allows customers to achieve faster time-to-value and improve risk management.

Semaphore and MarkLogic is the premier choice for the world’s leading organizations who need to combine structured and unstructured information to answer questions and solve complex problems. Our joint customers in the fields of financial services, healthcare, life sciences and media and publishing leverage Semaphore and MarkLogic to out-innovate their peers. We look forward to an ongoing and innovative partnership with MarkLogic and to helping our customers implement solutions that exceed their expectations and drive organizational change.

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