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Your customers and employees expect nothing less than a brilliant, always-on application experience (AX). That means smart tools that allow total control over infrastructure management, network observability and issue detection and resolution. Sound difficult? It’s not – when you deploy the Progress AX Solution.

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Amount of network brownouts users claimed went unnoticed by IT teams


Customers who will abandon their shopping carts if web pages don’t load in six seconds

$1 Million per hour

Average cost of downtime for Fortune 1,000 companies

23 Days

Average downtime for companies hit by a ransomware attack

The Challenge

Maintaining Reliable, Efficient & Secure Networks & Applications

Your business success and reputation rest heavily on your ability to deliver fast, highly available and secure information. Customers and employees have more options than ever. To retain both and maintain a competitive edge, you must deliver an exceptional digital experience.

Meanwhile, your operations teams are challenged more than ever. They must manage and scale operations while coping with tool sprawl, network complexity, data silos, and potential cyber threats. If they cannot maintain a high-quality AX, your business can suffer employee attrition, reputational decline, and network vulnerability.

The Solution

Your Customers & Employees Deserve the Optimal Application Experience

Progress AX Solutions help your IT organization to ensure that networks and applications are stable, compliant, highly available, optimized and performing above expectations. The AX portfolio delivers insights into the state of your applications and environment and the tools you need to proactively solve emerging issues.

Progress is the only vendor combining application delivery and the deepest network, infrastructure and security operations capabilities on the market:


Application Delivery

Improve availability and efficiency through advanced load balancing

  • High-performance application delivery
  • User authentication and threat protection

IT Infrastructure Monitoring​

Monitor devices, servers, virtual machines, and more in cloud, hybrid cloud or on-premise

  • Network discovery & mapping
  • Resource utilization metrics

Application Performance Monitoring

Track the health and performance of applications to speed troubleshooting

  • Insights on usage, capacity, error rate and SLA compliance
  • Workflow automation

Network Traffic Visibility

Understand performance from a network perspective and pinpoint the source of an issue

  • Comprehensive network performance monitoring​
  • Intelligent network traffic capture

Traffic Anomaly Detection

Apply behavior analysis algorithms to protect the network

  • Early insights to malicious behavior and threats
  • Automated response to security incidents

The Business Benefits

Boost Application Performance, Manage and Secure Your Network

  • Reduce Implementation Effort​

    Get ahead of issues before they occur

  • Scale as Needed​

    Easily extend your network coverage and workloads

  • Faster MTTR

    Shorten time to root cause discovery and resolution

  • No “Swivel Chair” Management

    Blend security operations and network operations

  • Actionable Security Intelligence

    Surface deep insights and diagnosis capabilities earlier in the cycle

  • Streamline Day 2 Operations

    Reduce resolution time with automated response

Progress Application Experience is Powered by

The Progress Application Experience solution is powered by the following Progress products:

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