Course Details

This course is intended for application developers who want to incorporate modern,
efficient data-handling in their applications. Students should have experience working
with Advanced Business Language (ABL). This course guides students through the
design and development of applications using ABL datasets (ProDataSets).
In this course, the student will learn how to identify when and where to use datasets
and then practice incorporating datasets into applications during hands-on exercises
using Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge. The course emphasizes defining,
populating, and performing data operations using datasets and sharing data with
other applications. The course includes an overview how datasets are used in a
distributed architecture, how to control the behavior of datasets, and how read or write
dataset data as JSON data.


Application developers who want to incorporate modern, efficient data-handling in their applications.

What will you learn:

After completing this course, you should be able to:
• Explain what a dataset is.

Write ABL code to:
• Define datasets.
• Populate a dataset in server-side code.
• Modify data in a dataset in client-side code.
• Apply changes to a dataset to the database in the server-side-code.
• Detect and handle dataset events.
• Detect and handle dataset errors.
• Read and write dataset data as JSON.


16 - 17 June 2021 | Virtual

5-6 July 2021 | Virtual French

8-9 November 2021 | Virtual French


Contact education@progress for more dates and locations

For courses in North America please go to: info North America

Training Prerequisites

Before taking this course you should already be able to:
• Run internal and external procedures
• Retrieve data from the database using queries
• Define and populate temp-tables
• Pass parameters to and from procedures
• Use table buffers
• Use object handles, attributes, and methods
• Handle errors
• Use Developer Studio for OpenEdge to create projects, procedures, and edit ABL code.

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