OpenEdge Security Training

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This course revolves around OpenEdge security implementation for applications. Broken down by workshop, each topic starts with an introduction and discusses best practices to implement all the needed security elements. Exercises are given at the end of each workshop to implement the security into an application.

Lesson 1 : Implementing the Client-Principal Object into an OpenEdge application
  • Setting up identity and security management into the databases
  • Creating a security database for authentication and authorization
  • Domain access for application server, LDAP and OS domains
  • Implementing security services class
  • Implementing the CP into the PASOE session procedures
Lesson 2: Implementing OpenEdge Auditing
  • Tracing who accessed and altered application data at what time. Setting up database and OpenEdge auditing.

  • Audit privileges

  • Database events

  • Application events

  • Login session events
  • Configure audit policies
  • Managing OpenEdge auditing and reporting
Lesson 3: Implementing OpenEdge Authentication Gateway
  • Enabling OpenEdge databases to use the authentication gateway
  • Using server key and digital certificate on the OEAG
  • Using named domains
  • Using roles for authorization
  • Encrypting passwords
  • Adding auditing and policies
  • Implementing LDAP and OERealm

Lesson 4: PAS for OpenEdge Spring Security
  • Introduction to the (default) PASOE Spring framework
  • Exploring authentication and authorization
  • Using the Client-Principal object
  • Troubleshooting with log settings
  • Implementing LDAP
  • Implementing SSO
  • Implementing OERealm
  • Implementing STS
  • Enterprise Auth Providers
    • Concept of SAML
    • Concept of OAuth


SECURITY TRAINING Lesson 1: Implementing the Client-Principal Object into an OE application.

SECURITY TRAINING Lesson 2: Implementing OpenEdge Auditing.
SECURITY TRAINING Lesson 3: Implementing OE Authentication Gateway
SECURITY TRAINING Lesson 4: PAS for OpenEdge Spring Security

23 August - 26 August 2021 | Virtual EMEA

More info & Dates: education@progress.com

For courses in North America please go to : info North America

Training Prerequisites

Good working knowledge of OpenEdge products and ABL programming.


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