OpenEdge Evolution Tour

Evolve. Thrive. Compete.

The Challenge

A constantly changing market is putting a lot of demands on your OpenEdge application.

Is your application ready for?
  • The exploding numbers of user and data connections
  • Multi-channel collaboration
  • Secure and agile cloud deployment
  • Integration with multiple data sources
  • User demands for more and more engaging experiences

Modernizing your application is not a one-time event, it’s an ongoing evolution. The pace of change is rapidly increasing and the time to evolve your application is now.

About the Tour

Spend a half day (8:30a-1:30p) exploring the latest OpenEdge technologies that enable application development and deployment to become your competitive advantage now and in the future. You’ll collaborate with OpenEdge colleagues, enjoy lunch, and learn how application evolution can positively affect revenues, market share and process efficiency within your organization.

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8:30am – 9:00am

Breakfast, Welcome & Introductions


Importance of Application Evolution

Learn the importance of evolving your OpenEdge application to continuously provide value to the business, leverage your investment in the core logic, and pave the way for future innovation.

Evolving Your OpenEdge Architecture

The steady adoption of microservices and use of API’s has accelerated due to heightened needs for systems to interoperate. Organizations are being pushed to keep up or risk competitive disruption. According to Forrester, “2019 will herald the first comprehensive industry cloud ecosystems, with extensible SaaS apps at their core.1” Learn how Progress Application Server for OpenEdge can help you get to the cloud and extend the capabilities of the application through APIs or RESTful services to improve extensibility, scalability and collaboration.

Evolving for Performance, Increased Availability and Formidable Security

Improving your application without affecting performance is a requirement. Evolving for performance means improving the application’s ability to deliver a quick response time, regardless of the number or types of connections being made. Learn how to achieve significant performance improvements with OpenEdge 12.0.  OpenEdge 12.0 will also help you target 24x7x365 availability and formidable security across your application ecosystem. Learn about improved AI file streaming, PASOE health scanning tools, and align with powerful industry-standard security mechanisms.

Evolving for Seamless Data Integration

Accessing and sharing data across organizational boundaries without affecting performance or security of the application is not easy. Learn how new technologies in the Progress portfolio such as Hybrid Data Pipeline (HDP) and the Autonomous REST Connector can be leveraged to create frictionless cloud2ground integration between disparate applications, data sources and business intelligence platforms to enable organizational efficiencies, data-driven decision-making and improved business visibility. 

Achieving Engaging and Intuitive User Experiences

Evolving the presentation layer of the application to achieve a pleasing UI, while also re-designing the user experience, particularly in a mobile-first world, is necessary to achieve an engaging application that meets user expectations and encourages adoption of the app. Learn how Progress Kinvey can increase developer productivity while providing a flexible, secure and integrated cloud-hosted platform along with an efficient front-end tool to achieve this goal.

Evolving Applications to Extend Doing Business With Customers

Many ERP and “back office” function applications aren’t setup to reach audiences and do business on the web.  Elite partner will highlight customers who have efficiently added web-based eCommerce, customer portals, and enterprise search capabilities to leverage the value of their OpenEdge-based applications and extend their businesses in new ways.

The Progress Application Evolution Approach

With Progress as your partner, there is no need to delay the Application Evolution process any longer. You are in an ideal position to seize the new opportunities that will present themselves with a move to a lighter and more fluid cloud architecture. We now offer a prescriptive Application Evolution process, designed to initially focus on one area of the application. This process enables you to continually improve your application as business requirements shift. The result is an application that is always producing value, enabling the organization to evolve, thrive and compete.

12:30pm – 1:30pm


1Forrester: Predictions 2019: Cloud Comes of Age as The Foundation for New Digital Application Platforms, Both Inside and Outside the Data Center. November 2018



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