Overview: Data imports with CSV files

When working with multiple sources of data, you usually are dealing with files and records that you need to use within your marketing reports and campaigns to analyze a comprehensive set of data. With Sitefinity Insight, can easily import contact and interaction data by uploading CSV files. You can create the CSV files from any data file, for example Excel or a text file.

You can import data:

  • Collected by third party companies or systems
    • Regular imports of data
      For example, your company may be using a third party software for conducting webinars. To communicate with the participants, the software company provides you with an Excel sheet with email addresses, other contact details, and participation details for all registered participants.
    • One time data import
      For example, you purchased a collection of 10 000 leads relevant for your business. Data is provided to you in a text file. You need to easily import leads’ information into your marketing system.
  • Data you manually collected
    For example, you participated in an event where you networked with other people that may well be leads and opportunities for your company. You need to reflect their contact details in your system and use them in your marketing reports and campaigns.

NOTE: You can also import data directly from a third party server. For more information, see Data sources and data.

The CSV file that you upload needs to be of specific format, otherwise the system cannot upload it and process the data. Only then you import the data. For more information, see:


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