Sitefinity Integration hub


You use Sitefinity Integration hub to connect Sitefinity Insight to more than 1,000 third-party systems and applications to automate workflows and harness data effectively.

Using Sitefinity Integration Hub, you can bring in customer data, such as Contact properties and interaction data, as Insight interactions into Sitefinity Insight. After you have the data available in Sitefinity Insight, you can use it to improve audience segmentation and personalization, get a holistic view of the customer journey, and measure the impact of your marketing efforts on conversion rates. 

The Sitefinity Integration Hub allows you to get real-time updates when the data is changed in the source system or to run scheduled data integration jobs at specified intervals.

Following are several examples of what can be achieved:

  • Integrate Opportunity information from Salesforce to drive a Conversion in Insight.
  • Integrate mail-sent activities interactions from your marketing automation system to put the visitors in respective personas to drive personalized web experience in line with the email promotions.
  • Put the visitor in an email campaign until reaching an Interested in product X Lead scoring stage.

The data integration is implemented with a low-code visual designer provided by the Workato platform. Workato is an automation platform that supports a vast number of connectors for various systems. For more information, see Workato documentation.

  • Sitefinity Integration hub is available only to customers with paid subscriptions. To upgrade, contact Sitefinity Sales.
  • To be able to use Sitefinity Integration hub, you must be an account administrator for Sitefinity Insight.

Create a connection

To establish a connection between Sitefinity Insight and Workato, perform the following:

  1. Log into Sitefinity Insight.
  2. Generate an access key for the data center, which you want to connect to Workato.
    For more information, see Access keys.
  3. In the upper-right corner, click Administration.
  4. Click Sitefinity Integration hub.
    The Workato platform opens.
  5. Navigate to the Connections section in your Workato workspace.
  6. Click Create » Connection.
  7. In the list of available applications, select Progress Sitefinity Insight.
  8. Enter the Sitefinity Insight access key that you created in Step 2.

RESULT: Sitefinity Insight and Workato are connected and you can start creating automation recipes.

Use recipes

The core of your integration is the Recipe. A recipe in Workato represents a step-by-step set of actions that you want to execute in response to specific triggers. For example, you can import your contacts from Salesforce into Sitefinity Insight and use them to create customer journeys.

NOTE: Sitefinity Insight does not support being used as a Trigger inside a Workato recipe. You can use it only as an Action.

To create a recipe, perform the following:

  1. Navigate to the Recipes tab and click Create » Recipe.
    For more information, see Workato’s documentation » Recipe design.
  2. Enter a name, location, and select the trigger app.
  3. Choose the trigger event you want to listen for, such as Form is submitted.
    Alternatively, you can select Run on schedule for recurring runs of the recipe.
  4. In Actions, select Progress Sitefinity Insight.
  5. Configure Sitefinity Insight properties such as Data center, Import type, or Data source.
  6. When needed, specify the mapping between the incoming data columns and Sitefinity Insight expected data format.
    For more information, see CSV files format.

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