Create departments

To create a department, you must perform the following:

  1. Get the taxonomy manager.
    Get an instance of the TaxonomyManager object.
  2. Get the Departments taxonomy.
    You create the department taxa as children of the Departments taxonomy.
  3. Create a new hierarchical taxon.
    To create a new hierarchical taxon, call the CreateTaxon generic method of the manager and pass HierarchicalTaxon as a generic argument.
  4. Set the properties of the taxon.
    In this example the following properties are set:
    • Name - represents the programmatic name of the department. In this example all unsafe characters are replaced with “-“. You can also pass the name as argument.
    • Title - represents the display name of the department.
    • Description - represents the description of the department. Use it to specify additional information about the department.
    • UrlName - represents the name of the department that is used in URLs.
  5. Set the taxonomy of the department.
    To do this, you must set the Taxonomy property of the department to the instance of the Departments taxonomy.
  6. Set the parent taxon, if available.
    If a parent taxon is specified, get an instance of that taxon and set the Parent property to it.
  7. Save the changes.
    To save the changes, call the SaveChanges method of the manager.

Use the following code sample:

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