Products and departments

Creating, organizing, and managing the product catalog of your webstore is one of the major activities you do with the help of Sitefinity CMS Ecommerce module.

You create a list with all the products you offer on your site, along with their properties and additional characteristics and attributes. You also create different product types, which are useful because they have different fields. For example, a book has an author, but a kitchen appliance does not.

In addition, you can create product variations when your product has different attributes. For example, if a product is available in more than one size and color, you need to create variations of the product for all available sizes and colors. Different variations can have different prices and different stock keeping units.

You can structure your webstore hierarchically with departments and thus facilitate your customers in finding what they need. You can also create tags to make searching and filtering products even easier.

Last, but not least, you can track and manage the stock of every product, including its variations, and view report about the current inventory of your store.

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