Edit, delete, and filter feeds

Edit a feed

  1. To edit a feed, on Feeds & Notifications page, click the feed you want to edit.
    The Edit a feed page appears.
  2. Perform procedure Create feeds.

Delete feeds

To delete one or more feeds, on Feeds & Notifications page, perform one of the following:
  • Select one or more feeds and click Delete button in the toolbar of the page.
  • Click the Actions link of the respective feed and click Delete.

A dialog box appears where you must confirm the deletion.

Filter feeds

You can filter feeds, using one of the following options in the right side of Feeds & Notifications page:
  • To filter feeds created by you, under Filter feeds click My feeds.
  • To filter feeds according to their status, under Filter feeds click Active feeds or Inactive feeds.
  • To filter feeds according to the date of their last update, under Filter feeds click By last publication.
    The Display feeds last updated in... pane appears.
    • When you click a time interval, the system displays all the feeds updated during this time interval.
    • To display feeds updated during some custom period of time, click Custom range… link.
      Use the From and To input fields.
    • To go back to all filtering options, click Close dates link.
      The system displays all filtering options, but displays the last filtering you have chosen until you choose something else.
  • To filter feeds according to the content type they are displaying, under Feeds by content type click Blogs, News, or Events.

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