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Use feeds and notifications to publish frequently updated information. You can publish an RSS feed for a blog, news, or events on the website and the users can subscribe to this feed. This way they will receive updates of the blog, news, or events without having to visit the website.You can also publish content you create in Sitefinity CMS as tweets via a Twitter account.

NOTE: Feeds are shared across different sites. If you are using multiple sites, changing a feed on one site will change the feed on every other site that uses it.

Included content

You can publish as feed one of the following types of content:

  • Sitefinity CMS content
    For example, you can publish a news or a blog post as RSS feed or as a tweet in Twitter.
  • External RSS feed
    For example, you can use an external RSS feed and publish it as news in Sitefinity.
  • Mail content
    For example, you can use the email messages of a particular mail account and publish them as an RSS feed on your website.
  • Forum
    For example, you can publish forum threads as RSS feed.

Published content

You can publish the included content in one of the following types:

  • Sitefinity CMS content
  • RSS feed
  • Twitter feed

You manage feeds on Feeds & Notifications page.

To open the page in the main menu at the top, click Administration » Alternative Publishing.
You display the RSS feed in your website using the Feed widget. For more information, see Feed widget.

For more information about caching the feed output, see Administration: Cache settings » Output caching for RSS.

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