Configure and manage additional Health checks

After you setup the default health checks, you can add additional, configurable health checks.

Available configurable health checks you can specify are:

  • Database check
    Provides information if Sitefinity CMS database is accessible.
  • Internet connectivity check bing
    Provides information if internet connectivity to configured bing internet address is working.
  • Internet connectivity check Google
    Provides information if internet connectivity to configured Google internet address is working.
  • Redis check
    Provides information if a load balanced environment with Redis is working.

For details on additional health check types and required parameters, see Health check types.

Add health checks

  1. Navigate to Administration » Settings » Advanced settings » System » Health check service » Health checks.
    Click the Create new button.
  2. Select the Enable Health check checkbox.
  3. Enter the following details:
    • Health check name, for example, Google check.
    • Timeout, for example, 10 seconds.

      NOTE: The default value is 30 seconds.

    • Define whether this check is critical for the outcome of the overall health check result. For details, see Criticality and health check results.
    • Enter the groups, to which this check is associated, for example, Internet connectivity.
    • Enter the accurate health check type, in this example, Telerik.Sitefinity.Health.InternetConnectivityCheck. For details, refer to Health check types.
  4. Save your changes.
  5. Expand the node for your newly created health check, in this example, Google check. Click Parameters.
  6. Click the Create new button.
  7. Enter the key of the parameter, in this example, url.
    For details, see Health check types.
  8. Enter the parameter value, in this example,
  9. Save your changes.

After you add health checks and their parameters, you must restart the site to enable the updated Health check service.

You can now run the newly created health check with the following HTTP request:


NOTE: In case you run a check for more than one group, all checks associated with at least one group from the list are executed.

NOTE: Health check results are cached for 10 seconds. If you run the check again within the 10 seconds, you get the same response.

Manage health checks

To edit the settings of a health check, expand the Health check node and click on the specific check, for example Google check. If you have opted to log all check tasks to a dedicated file, previous check data is not deleted. New task data is stored in the same file as well.

NOTE: If you edit the check type, make sure you replace it with a viable type and its required parameter. For details, see Health check types.

To delete a health check altogether, click on the Health check node and then on the trash can icon next to the check.

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