Schneider Electric Speeds Up Mobile Development by 50% with Kinvey

Schneider’s Customer Care app was a great tool for answering basic customer questions, but growing user expectations pushed Schneider to evolve the experience even further. With Kinvey, Schneider could quickly develop a next-gen that provided a more personalized user experience.






With mobile being a key competitive differentiator, Schneider wanted to create more dynamic and intelligent app experiences.


Kinvey enabled Schneider to decouple the frontend from the backend, which helped the company accelerate development and focus more on delivering innovative end-user features.


With Kinvey, Schneider was able to accelerate the development of the next-gen mySchneider app by 50%. Customers loved the new app, with app store ratings jumping from 3 to 4.3 stars.



Schneider Electric is a €25 billion global energy management company serving customers around the world. To better support its partners, Schneider released a mobile customer care app in 2012 that was initially a major win. The app provided customers with answers to commonly asked questions, enabling Schneider to reduce call center load by 30%.

However, by 2015, this app no longer adequately served a generic audience. Understanding the importance mobile plays in today’s digital business world, Schneider wanted to shift away from generalized, one-size-fits-all experiences toward a more dynamic and intelligent experience that could serve the company’s specific target audiences and personas.

However, the existing mobile app had a tightly coupled frontend and backend. Because of this, the company spent as much as 66% of development time working on the backend, which hindered the delivery of new features and capabilities needed to drive the user experience forward.


From the outset, Schneider wanted to be much more ambitious with its next-generation mySchneider app. Designed for service professionals like electricians and contractors, the new app needed to feature a personalized product catalog that also supported activities like order tracking, ticketing and messaging. With many users working in remote locations with limited connectivity, anytime, anywhere app availability also had to be a priority.

Being a high productivity application development platform, Progress® Kinvey™ enabled Schneider to deliver this expansive app quickly. The Kinvey architecture encourages decoupled development, which addressed one of Schneider’s biggest requirements— speeding up development by addressing the tightly coupled fronted and backend.

Kinvey also helped Schneider create the complex business rules and logic that supported the app’s personalization features. By taking advantage of standard Kinvey collections, RapidData connectors and Flex Services, Schneider could execute business rules that determined what data to show the user based on their personalization profile.

The user log-in was also built with Kinvey’s RapidAuth feature by leveraging Kinvey’s Mobile Identity Connect with its existing SSO authentication. This was vital for customizing the app experience to fit Schneider’s various routes to market, serving up a completely different experience based on the user.

“Kinvey provides us with a back office that is off the shelf and ready to use, and that enables us to operate in economies of scale.”

Hiram Barber

Global Director of Digital Customer Experience , Schneider Electric


With Kinvey, developers are able to focus on frontend development and deliver the advanced features of the mySchneider app in less time and for less money. Development time was reduced by 50% and the delivery of new features and capabilities can be done every 2-3 weeks instead of 8-12 weeks.

Referring to the ease with which Kinvey allowed Schneider to connect to existing back office systems, Hiram Barber, Global Director of Digital Customer Experience at Schneider, said, “Kinvey provides us with a back office that is off the shelf and ready to use, and that enables us to operate in economies of scale. Given the success of mySchneider, we’re using it as the framework for future app development.”

With a development platform that enables a faster release cadence and more robust functionality, the mySchneider app has taken hold with approximately 200,000 downloads. Customers have been very receptive to the new app, which has a 4.3-star rating on the Google Play store—a big improvement from the previous 3-star rating.

“After using Kinvey, development became seamless,” explained Raj Sadasivan, Chief Digital Customer Experience Architect, Schneider. “Kinvey provides us a platform that not only enables our developers to rapidly push out features to provide a great user experience, but also delivers on the backend, enabling us to get the data needed."
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