MarkLogic Performance

Instructor-Led Training


Course Description

Learn how MarkLogic utilizes key system resources, perform analysis to identify performance issues and their causes, and take steps towards optimization.

Attendees completing this course will be able to:

  • Describe how system resources are utilized across a MarkLogic cluster during data ingest and query.
  • Optimize data ingest using MarkLogic Content Pump.
  • Analyze Meters data to understand resource utilization and identify and analyze bottlenecks.
  • Analyze and optimize queries.




One 4 hour class period

Course Outline

This course has the following units:

  • Identifying Bottlenecks
  • System Resource Utilization in MarkLogic
  • Understanding and Optimizing Data Ingest
  • Using Meters Data
  • Understanding and Optimizing Queries

How to Subscribe

Instructor-Led Option

This course is available as a free publicly scheduled instructor-led course! Please, refer to our schedule to select the most suitable date for you.

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