Create and manage lead scoring types


Lead scoring enables you to design your marketing and sales strategies based on leads, and measure and optimize your interactions with the visitors classified as qualified leads.

You can create as many lead scoring types and stages as you need for your lead scoring model. Each scoring type has one or more set of stages with thresholds that define the lead’s readiness to convert. The lead scoring types you create are applied only to the data center in which you create them.

Create lead scoring types

Perform the following:

  1. Navigate to Analytics » Lead Scoring.
  2. Click the Define a lead scoring type button.
  3. Enter the name for your new scoring type.
  4. Under Stages of engagement, define one or more stages by entering a name and threshold point value.
    For example, enter Hot leads with threshold 100 points.
  5. To add more levels of engagement, click Add(Add).
    NOTE: The threshold of each subsequent stage you add needs to be higher than the previous stage.
  6. If you want to make a lead scoring active only for a particular interval, expand the Time limitations section and select A specific date range only…
    Enter the start and end date of the lead validity interval.
    NOTE: If you specify only the Start date, the data for visitors scores would be processed from this date onwards.
    If you specify only the End date, the data for visitors scores would be processed from the start of the data center up to this date.
  7. If you want to send notifications, expand the Notifications section and click Yes.
    Enter the email address of the people to be notified when a visitor passes the scoring type thresholds.
    You can select whether the notification will be sent for All or for Selected stages, which you select in the Selected Stages column.
  8. Click Create this scoring type.

Once you create the scoring type, you need to create scoring rules that relate visitors' behavior to your lead scoring type and its stages.

Edit and delete lead scoring types

You can edit any field and threshold of a lead scoring type. Bear in mind that changing thresholds does not result in any recalculations. In addition, you cannot rearrange thresholds, as every threshold acts as a range of leads, or, lead readiness.

Deleting scoring types does not result in deletion of scoring rules and vice versa. You delete scoring types independently from the rules.

For more information about changing fields and thresholds affects Lead scorings calculations, see Retroactive scoring calculation.

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