Guide: Setting up Sitefinity Insight

In this article, you get a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to set up and configure your company’s Sitefinity Insight account. Following these steps, you will have a fully configured Sitefinity Insight deployment, connected to your Sitefinity CMS sites.

  1. Your first login with Sitefinity Insight

    To get started, you receive an invitation mail from either the Sitefinity Insight team or another administrator of your company’s Sitefinity Insight account. To set up and use your Microsoft account, follow the instructions in the email and log in Sitefinity Insight.

    NOTE: Sitefinity Insight uses Microsoft accounts for authentication. You will receive a separate e-mail from Microsoft with instructions on how to create a Microsoft account, and how to log in. For more information, see Access Insight.

  2. Create a data center where your tracking data will be collected.

    A data center is the logical and physical separation of uploaded data. It is a single unit holding information from one or more data sources - marketing, business systems, or sites. Regardless of the data source, all data in a particular data center is analyzed together.
    For more information, see Data centers and data sources.

  3. Connect Sitefinity CMS and Sitefinity Insight
    To connect your CMS sites with Insight data centers, you generate an access key in Sitefinity Insight » Administration » Access keys and use the access key in your Sitefinity CMS backend. For more information, see Connect your sites to Insight.

  4. Invite marketers to define conversions, touchpoints, personas, or lead scorings in Sitefinity Insights and Personalized pages in Sitefinity CMS.
    For more information, see Invite users.

RESULT: Sitefinity Insight is configured and ready to be used.

RECOMMENDATION: We recommend you to work with your marketing team to understand the business requirements and build together a cohesive system with all your Sitefinity CMS web sites, Sitefinity Insight data centers, and other data sources, if needed.

For more information, see Sitefinity Insight quick start guide for admins.

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