Data centers and data sources

Data centers

A data center is the logical and physical separation of uploaded data. Data from different data centers cannot be mixed together, and is always reported, processed, and viewed separately.

A data center is a single unit holding information from one or more data sources - systems or sites. Thus, data accumulated by one data center provides a richer and broader overview, as well as depth and preciseness of calculated insights. Regardless of the data source, all data in a particular data center is analyzed together.

Each data center is identified by:

  • Unique API key
  • Name that is unique for the current account

API key

Each data center is identified by a unique API key that is automatically generated when you create the data center. You use the key to identify the data center when you report data to it using Sitefinity Insight SDKs or when you call the data collection API endpoints directly. For more information, see Data collection API endpoints.

You can find your API key in the data center dashboard under the API key tab. For more information, see Data center dashboard.

NOTE: To integrate Sitefinity Insight and Sitefinity CMS, you do not need an API key. Instead, you use Access keys that uniquely authenticate users and their access rights. For more information, see Connect your sites to Sitefinity Insight.

Data sources

A data source is any system outside of Sitefinity Insight that provides contact-related data to the cloud. Sitefinity Insight uploads the data extracted from the data sources to the dedicated data centers and analyzes this data as one entity. For more information about data and data sources, see Data integration.

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