Building components of Sitefinity Insight

Sitefinity Insight consists of the following main components:

  • Sitefinity Insight web application:
    • Administrative user interface for configuring the data flow
    • Analytics dashboard for marketing-related information and activities, analytic reports, and data visualization
  • Connector for Sitefinity Insight - a module in Sitefinity CMS that syncs website data with the cloud.
    You use the connector to collect data from the Sitefinity CMS website and store it into Sitefinity Insight, thus enabling you to benefit from persona profiling and persona scoring in one case and in another case to use big data analytics to optimize the customer journey.
    For more information, see Connect to Sitefinity Insight.
  • Sitefinity Insight connectors for other systems
    To get the most out of the Sitefinity Insight, we recommend connecting to other data sources, for instance, a CRM or email marketing system. To do so, leverage the Sitefinity Insight data connectors for Salesforce or Oracle Eloqua. In addition, you can import data from other systems by uploading CSV files.
  • Personalization
    In Sitefinity CMS, you can personalize your web content and web pages using different characteristics, such as persona or lead scoring that you created in the cloud.  Personalization feature communicates and syncs data with Sitefinity Insight to get insights and personalize the website pages based on these insights coming from the cloud. For more information, see Personalize content.
    • You define criteria such as personas in Sitefinity Insight.
    • You configure personalization in Sitefinity.

The following diagram illustrates the basic Sitefinity Insight workflow:

Sitefinity Insight Data Centers and Data Sources

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