Export personal data

In reletion to the GDPR and the right to access to personal data, any site visitor has the option to request their collected personal data to be exported from the system’s records and sent to them. This operation is executed by the Sitefinity Insight Administrator who identifies the specific site visitor and exports their data based on their Tracking ID or email address, both of which serve as their unique identifier. Administrators download the personal data as a ZIP file, which contains a JSON file. The JSON file consists of all demographic and behavioral data, as well as interactions of the specific visitor.

NOTE: When exporting data, the Administrator selects a specific combination of device and browser, on which the selected site visitor completed their interactions with the site. This is a required condition, so that possible security violations are prevented.

To do so:

  1. Open the Administration dashboard and then the data center dashboard.
  2. Open the Data cleanup tab page.
    Click Export personal data.
  3. Provide the Tracking ID and click Continue.For more information, see Tracking ID.
  4. Select the visitor whose data you need to export.

    NOTE: You may have more than one site visitor with the same Tracking ID or email address in the results list. The reason is that these visitors are reported across different data sources. You need to select the site visitor from the proper data source.

  5. Click Export data.

    NOTE: This operation may take up to a few minutes, depending on the size of the data exported.

  6. To download the exported data to a secure location, perform one of the following:
    • Click Download exported data
    • Go to the History of exported and deleted data page and download the ZIP file from there using the Download link from the list.
      For more information, see History of exported or deleted data.

Once the ZIP file is ready, you can download the data. The download link expires in 14 days, counted from the day the ZIP file is compiled.

IMPORTANT: The ZIP file contains personal and sensitive data. This data must be sent only to data subject, to whom it belongs. The Sitefinity Insight Administrator needs to assure that data is stored in a secure location and is protected from theft.

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