History of deleted and exported data

PREREQUISITES: To delete or export personal data, your account must have permission to work with personally identifiable information.
For more information, see Manage Personally identifiable information.

On the History of deleted and exported data page, you can see the data center log with all personal data operations and the relation information:

  • Data source
  • Request date
  • Sitefinity Insight Administrator who handled the request
  • Status of the request
  • Download link and expiration date for the export requests

    NOTE: You can see a Download link only for data export requests that are not expired. For more information, see Export personal data.

Once the Administrator makes a data request, it is logged in the system. You can browse and sort the history of data requests based on:

Type of request Status Description
Export data Ready Data is available for download.
Expired Data is no longer available for download since the Download link expired in the 14 days since the request was made.
In progress The operation of compiling the ZIP file is still in progress. This may take up to several minutes, depending on the size of the data exported.
Delete data Done Subject data is deleted.
In progress Deletion operation is not yet complete. This may take up to several minutes, depending on the size of the data deleted.
NOTE: For both export and delete operations the status may be Failed. You may try the following troubleshooting steps to recover from the Failed state:
  • Wait a few minutes (5-30) and retry the operation.
  • Split your request into smaller batches by using different filter rules.
  • If you still experience problems, contact Sitefinity support.

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