Custom contact properties

You can add custom contact properties to the list of predefined ones displayed by default in the contact profile. You do this by adding the so-called key properties:

  • From the ones already reported by the data source in this data center


  • Add a new property
    You first need to implement subject metadata to feed and populate this property with value, otherwise it will be an empty field. For more information, see Capture client-side behavior with JavaScript SDK.

    NOTE: You must make sure Sitefinity Insight matches the name of the new property with the key with which data is passed. For example, if you are passing the date, on which users register on your site, with a key named CreationDate, you need to name the new contact property CreationDate, as well.

    No matter how you add custom contact properties, you can see them in the following screens:

  • Contact profiles
    Updated with the new contact properties, based on what is uploaded to Sitefinity Insight with the corresponding field names.

    NOTE: You access contact profiles from Audience » Contacts.

  • As filter/search options in the Contacts page
    For more information, see Sort, search, and export contacts.
  • When defining rules for defining contact segmentation, based on personal data when defining conversions

    NOTE: Not all contact properties can be used for segmentation purposes since they do not bring any segmentation logic, for example First name, Street address, and others.

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