Add new property or select from list

To add a new property to the list of contact profile properties, perform the following:

  1. Click Add a contact property.
  2. Enter a name of the property that you want displayed in the contact profile.
    For example, enter Job title.
  3. Select a field from the data source systems that the new property uses.

    NOTE: The system uses suggestive input, but you can also browse and select from the list of fields by clicking Select from a list.

  4. To add more fields, click +Add more. You can select more than one field, for example, Position and Title.
  5. To change the priority of the field when using more than one field, use drag-and-drop.

RESULT: The new key properties are displayed in the Personal data section of the contact profile. Contact data is recalculated overnight and you can see the new properties displayed on the next day. The new contact properties are populated with existing data of stored contacts, so that there is no mismatch in the contact base.

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