Create forum posts

To create a post, you must perform the following:

  1. Get an instance of the manager.
    Get instance of the ForumsManager object.
  2. Create a new post.
    To create a new post, call the CreatePost method of the manager.
  3. Set the properties.
    Set the properties of the ForumPost instance. For more information about the specific properties, read For developers: Forum Posts.
  4. Add the post to a thread.
    To add the post to a thread, set the Thread property of the ForumPost instance to an instance of a thread.

    NOTE: You can create a post without adding it to a thread. The value of its Thread property will be null.
  5. Publish the post.
    To publish the post, set the IsPublished property to true.
  6. Save the changes.
    Save the changes to the manager.

NOTE: For more information about how to create post that is a reply to another post, see For developers: Reply to forum posts.

Here is a code example:

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