Pages overview 

Pages in Sitefinity CMS represent the canvas on which you build and structure your website. In addition, pages contain the administrative and content authoring tools you use to manage your website, create and edit pages, browse and organize the structure and appearance of your website. Each page embodies a kind of structured functionality and information. You define the functionality of the page by adding widgets. Pages are:

  • Frontend pages - these are all publicly visible pages from the project.
  • Backend pages - these are all views in the administrative backend of a Sitefinity CMS project, such as the Dashboard, Content, Administration, and so on. 

Define appearance

Before you populate your page with content, you create a layout that helps the display of content. For example, you allocate space for the navigation, the title, and the content blocks. To do this, you use predefined or custom templates, which you can modify if needed. You define the appearance and style of the page by setting the template and the theme. For more information, see:

Personalize pages

Personalizing a page gives you the opportunity to serve different content to different types of users (user segments). You can build set of rules, on which the user segments are based. You can then create different versions of the pages of your website. Personalizing a page means that you create one or more different versions of a page.

Having personalized a page, you can directly access personalization reports in Sitefinity Insight to measure and analyze the results of your work and whether your audience definition is reasonable. For more information, see:

Develop and create

Sitefinity CMS backend provides you with a user-friendly interface to create pages. You can also create pages programmatically using the native or fluent APIs.

For more information, see Pages API.

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