MVC forms

With Sitefinity CMS version 14.1 onwards, you have the option to use MVC forms or .NET Core forms. The following section summarizes the MVC forms option. For information about using .NET Core forms, see Create forms.

MVC forms

MVC forms are part of ASP.NET MVC framework and are the recommended way to work with forms in Sitefinity CMS. MVC technology provides a modern, convention-based, mobile-first UI framework to quick and easy setup and design of forms and applications. Thanks to the MVC pattern, you can separate development into views, logic, and processing. For more information, see Develop with Sitefinity CMS and ASP.NET MVC.

  • Full control over the markup of a form
  • Customize the out-of-the-box form fields and elements by following the Feather conventions
  • API for RAPID development of custom form fields and elements
PREREQUISITES: To use MVC forms on pages, page templates need to be in pure MVC mode.

With MVC forms, you can work with the API for RAPID development of custom form fields and elements by benefiting from the Sitefinity CMS MVC framework to build mobile-ready sites using frameworks of your choice. This includes MVC built-in widgets, an AngularJS widget designer framework, and Bootstrap framework out-of-the-box. For more information, see Form widget.

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