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By connecting Sitefinity CMS to HubSpot, you empower your marketing and sales teams to track your campaign landing pages and online forms completion and pass the contact details to HubSpot. Thus, your HubSpot contact profiles are enriched with Sitefinity CMS forms data in real time.

With the Sitefinity CMS connector for HubSpot, you can create and configure online forms to send data to HubSpot. You benefit from full control over field mappings, including custom fields, and collected data, so you can easily reuse the same form across hundreds of campaigns.

PREREQUISITES: You must have a HubSpot license.

Integration process

For example, you are the event manager for a website and you need to configure a subscription form for a conference.
To integrate Sitefinity CMS forms data with HubSpot, perform the following:

  1. Create a registration form in HubSpot to capture the required contact details.
  2. Connect Sitefinity CMS to HubSpot via the connector.
  3. Connect a Sitefinity MVC form by mapping the form fields to the HubSpot form fields.

    NOTE: You can also map the fields of a new MVC form to the HubSpot form.

  4. Configure the MVC form widget to sync data with HubSpot.
  5. Create a Sitefinity CMS landing page for the campaign.

    NOTE: Alternatively, you can build your landing page in HubSpot. However, this will result in more complex support and maintenance, as well as poor SEO ranking of your landing page, because it will be detached from your Sitefinity CMS website.

  6. Track and send data to HubSpot to measure the number of generated leads, nurture the leads with email workflows, and assign them to sales when they become hot.

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