Pipe types

Sitefinity CMS features two types of publishing points:

  • Persistent publishing point - it stores the data in the database
  • Pass through publishing point - it pushes the data that it receives immediately

There are two types of pipes:

  • Push pipe - it passes the data to the publishing point or destination when it receives it
  • Pull pipe - it pushes the data on demand, when it is requested


Push Pipe - Persistent Point - Pull Pipe

You use this scenario when you import data that you need to store. You collect data that you cannot guarantee exists upon request from external source.

For example: RSS feed

Push Pipe - Pass through Point - Push Pipe

You use this scenario when you need to flush data from Sitefinity CMS into external source like Twitter, but you do not need to store the data.

Pull Pipe - Pass through Point - Pull Pipe

You use this scenario when you have the data and do not need to duplicate it in the publishing point.

For example: RSS feed in Sitefinity

You can also have a combination between Pull and Push pipes on the both sides of the publishing point.

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