CSS classes: Forums widget

Following is the list of CSS classes applied to the following templates of the Forums widget:

Forums list

CSS class name  Class set to  Default HTML tag
sfforumsTitle Forums Forum title <h1>
sfforumsList List of forums <table>
sfforumTitleWrp Forum group name wrapper <th>
sfforumGroupTitle Name of forum group <h2>
sfforumGroupDescription Description of forum group <p>
sfforumTitleWrp Forum title wrapper <td>
sfforumTitle Single forum title <a>
sfforumDescription Single forum description <p>
sfforumThreadsCountWrp Threads in forum wrapper <td>
sfforumThreadsCount Threads in forum <strong>
sfforumPostsCountWrp Posts in forum thread wrapper <td>
sfforumPostsCount Posts in forum thread <strong>
sfforumLastPostWrp Last post wrapper <td>
sfforumLastPostAge When last post was submitted <div>

Forum breadcrumb

CSS class name  Class set to  Default HTML tag 
sfforumPostBreabcrumbWrp  Wrapper of breadcrumb in forums <div>

Single forum threads list

CSS class name Class set to  Default HTML tag 
sfforumTitle Forum thread title  <h1> 
sfforumSubscribeWrp Wrapper of RSS link and email subscription form  <div> 
sfforumRssLnk RSS link  <a> 
sfforumEmailSubscriberWrp Email subscription form wrapper  <div> 
sfforumEmailSubscriptionShown Email subscription form wrapper when the subscription info pane is displayed  <div> 
sfforumEmailLnkWrp Toggle email subscription form link wrapper  <div> 
sfforumEmailLnk Toggle email subscription form link  <a> 
sfforumEmailSubscriptionInfoWrp Wrapper of subscription email, message, and action button  <div> 
sfforumEmailSubscribeMsg Email subscription message  <div> 
sfforumSubscribedEmail Email which the notifications will be sent to  <div> 
sfforumSubscribeBtn Subscribe to a forum button  <input> 
sfforumUnsubscribeBtn Unsubscribe from a forum button  <input> 
sfforumEmailSubscriptionInfoLoader Loading displayed before the email, the message, and the action button are displayed  <div> 
sfforumNewThreadLnk Link to create new thread form  <a> 
sfforumThreadsList Forum threads list wrapper  <table> 
sfforumThreadWrp Wrapper of thread name, thread status, creation date, and author  <td> 
sfNormalThread Display an icon for regular thread  <span> 
sfLockedThread Display an icon for locked thread  <span> 
sfforumThreadTitleAndAgeWrp Wrapper of thread name, creation date, and author   
sfforumThreadTitle Thread title  <a> 
sfAnnouncmentThread Display an icon when the thread is an announcement  <span> 
sfStickyThread  Display an icon when the thread is sticky  <span> 
sfThread  When thread is neither an announcement nor sticky  <span> 
sfforumThreadAgeWrp  Wrapper of forum thread creation date and author  <div> 
sfforumThreadPostsWrp  Posts in forum thread  <td> 
sfforumThreadViewsWrp  Views of forum thread  <td> 
sfforumThreadLastPostWrp  Wrapper of the creation date and the author of the last post submitted in the thread  <td> 
sfforumThreadLastPostAge  Wrapper of when the last post in the thread was submitted  <div> 

New forum thread form

CSS class name  Class set to  Default HTML tag 
sfforumNewThreadWrp  Wrapper of create new thread form  <fieldset> 
sfforumNewThreadTitle  New thread title  <h1> 
sfforumNewThreadFormList  Wrapper of form items  <ol> 
sfforumNewThreadName  Wrapper of thread name field  <li> 
sfforumNewThreadContent  Wrapper of thread content field  <li> 

Single forum thread posts list

CSS class name  Class set to  Default HTML tag 
sfforumPostTitle  Post title  <h1> 
sfforumPostTitleEdit  Link to edit post title  <span> 
sfforumPostTitleCancelEdit  Link to cancel the editing of the post title  <span> 
sfforumPostTitleSaveEdit  Button to save the new post title  <input> 
sfforumReplyPostWrp  Wrapper of New post button, RSS link and email subscription form  <div> 
sfforumReplyBtn  Button to open new post form  <input> 
sfforumSocialShareWrp  Wrapper of social sharing buttons, posts count and featured posts count  <div> 
sfforumThreadPostList  Wrapper of posts list  <ol> 
sfforumThreadPost  Single post wrapper  <li> 
sfforumThreadPostUser  Wrapper of info about the user who submitted the particular post  <div> 
sfforumUser  Username of the user who submitted the post  <strong> 
sfforumUserAvatarWrp  Wrapper of user’s avatar  <div> 
sfforumUserAvatar  User’s avatar  <img> 
sfforumUserPostsInfo  Wrapper of number of posts the user has submitted and since when there are registered  <div> 
sfforumThreadPostContentWrp  Wrapper of post content  <div> 
sfforumPostIsFeaturedWrp  Wrapper of featured label and links make a post featured or normal again  <div> 
sfforumPostFeatured  Featured label which indicates that the post has been marked as important  <span> 
sfforumPostUnmarkFeatured  Link to make a featured post not featured  <a> 
sfforumPostMarkFeatured  Link to make a post featured  <a> 
sfEditBtn  Link to open edit post form  <a> 
sfforumPostAge  When the post was submitted  <div> 
sfforumPostPermalink  Direct link to the post  <a> 
sfforumThreadPostContent  Wrapper of post content  <div> 
sfPostQuoteView  Quote from another post  <blockquote> 
sfforumPostAttachmentsList  Post attachments list wrapper  <ul> 
sfforumPostAttachmentItem  Single attachment wrapper  <li> 
sfforumPostAttachmentLink  Single attachment  <a> 
sfforumLastModified  When the post was edited for the last time  <div> 
sfforumReplyBtn  Link to open post reply form  <input> 
sfforumPostReplyContainer  Submit post form wrapper  <div> 
sfforumPostReplyForm  Wrapper of content to be submitted  <fieldset> 
sfClose  Link which closes reply form  <a> 
sfforumReplyThreadContent  Content field  <div> 
sfforumsReplyToTitle  Reply title  <h2> 
sfQuote  Link which enters quotation in post content  <a> 
sfforumReplyThreadAttachmentsWrp  Attach a file form field wrapper  <div> 
sfforumReplyThreadAttachmentsToggle  Link to toggle RadUpload  <a> 
RadUpload  RadUpload wrapper  <div> 
sfforumReplyFormVisible  Body tag of the page when submit post form is shown  <body> 

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