Hierarchical taxonomies API

Create a Hierarchical taxonomy and a new Taxon

Sitefinity CMS exposes manager classes for every type of content.
The following code sample creates a hierarchical taxonomy and a taxon:

The code creates a taxonomy with the following structure:

You first get the TaxonomyManager. When creating hierarchical taxonomies, CreateTaxonomy() method is used with HierarchicalTaxonomy type. All taxa added to this taxonomy must be of type HierarchicalTaxon. In this example, there are two operations - adding a taxon to the taxonomy and adding a taxon to a taxon.

You are also setting the properties of the taxonomy and the taxa, and invoke SaveChanges() in the end.

Find a hierarchical taxonomy

To find a hierarchical taxonomy by its name, use the following code sample:

First, you get the taxonomy by id, then, you search its taxa by name.

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