Manage add-on dependencies

You should add third party dependencies of the created add-on as NuGet package dependencies in the .nuspec file.

IMPORTANT: The add-on that you create cannot depend on the structure or the data of another add-on. You cannot create one add-on out of functionality installed by another add-on.

Dependency on Sitefinity CMS assemblies

The recommended approach is to add a dependency to the Telerik.Sitefinity.All NuGet package in the add-on .nuspec file. Configure the dependency so that it allows for >= versions of Sitefinity CMS to be installed.

EXAMPLE: <dependency id="Telerik.Sitefinity.All" version="9.2.6000.00" />

NOTE: For custom cases where Sitefinity is not referenced via NuGet packages in the client app, you can create an add-on NuGet packages without depending on or including any Sitefinity CMS DLLs. In this case, the clients that install the add-on will have to manually add binding redirects, if their Sitefinity version is higher from the add-on’s dependent Sitefinity version. We do not recommend this approach, due to the unclear dependencies of the produced add-on.

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