Reference: How to read and navigate the documentation

Text formatting conventions

The following table contains examples and descriptions of all the styles you will encounter in the Sitefinity CMS online documentation:

Format Meaning Example
Reference: How to read and navigate the documentation

A clickable text that is link to another topic from the documentation or an external resource
For more information, see Reference: How to read and navigate the documentation..
Example [#] Hyperlink to a screenshot.

A clickable screen title that links to a screenshot in the appendix. The number of the screenshot in the appendix is superscripted.
Click Create.
The Create an event [21] screen appears. 
 Example Words or characters that appear on the screen.

For example, menu and button labels, titles of windows, etc.
Click Administration » Roles and in Assign to dropdown box, select Backend users
Example Important text that needs to be emphasized

Titles of tables and of table columns

Titles of graphs.
Make sure you have selected at least one checkbox.
Example Source code, names of files and folders. The error.log file is located in folder Logs.
Example Exact user entry.

Enter the text in the system, exactly as it appears in the documentation.
In the input field that appears, enter 23 kilograms and click Next.
<Example> Variable user entry

Replace the text in the brackets with the appropriate entry.
In the input field, enter <your age>.
EXAMPLE Key on your keyboard When you are finished, press ENTER.

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