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You can think of touchpoints as your effort to move the visitors forward in their journeys.

As a marketer, you deeply care about the customer journey, and you may ask, “what follows after a visitor hits a particular touchpoint?” or “how did my visitors come to this touchpoint?”

Using the Top previous and next interactions section of the touchpoint report, you can quickly answer these questions and zoom into the parts of the customer journey closest to the touchpoint.

Using this report, you gain insights into landing pages and touchpoints inside your web properties. This way, you see where the organic traffic comes from, such as mail lists, ads, or social media.

You can also see your visitor’s immediate following interactions, thus gaining an understanding whether they perform the actions you desire and how they continue with their customer journey.

Having this information, you can decide whether your planned customer journey corresponds to the actual actions of your visitors. If they are not matching, you should inspect further why they diverge and take corrective actions, like rethinking your content or re-designing the customer journey.

For more information, see Conversion and touchpoint reports » Top previous and next interactions.

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