Cleanup data

With Sitefinity Insight, you can clean up data uploaded from one or more data sources. For example, if you change your CRM or a particular system’s data is not relevant anymore for your reports. Thus, you increase the relevancy and focus of reports.

To do this, perform the following:

  1. In the Administration dashboard, open the data center dashboard of your data center.
  2. Open the Data cleanup tab.
    You can see a list of all systems, from which your data center uses data.
    In addition, you see the number of visitor sessions reported by Sitefinity Insight and associated with this data source. One visitor can have multiple sessions reported. For example, if they open the site from a browser not previously tracked, a new session is reported.
  3. Click Data cleanup.
  4. Delete all data imported from a specific system to clean up space by clicking Delete data.

IMPORTANT: Deleting data from a system is irreversible. Once you delete data, reports are recalculated overnight. Thus, potentially the reports will provide you with numbers lower than the previous day. When analyzing current reports against historical data, be aware that historical data from the data center is not deleted and your comparison may be skewed.

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