The Infrastructure services layer of Sitefinity Cloud is based on Microsoft Azure architecture and hosted in Microsoft Azure. This layer is responsible for supporting the operation of the Production and Staging environments of Sitefinity Cloud.

The Infrastructure services layer includes the following Azure components and services:

  • Azure App Service with preconfigured auto-scaling to optimally handle to load of the website at any time.
  • Azure SQL Database to store the website’s data, tuned to ensure top performance for the application.
  • Azure Blob Storage to store the database backups, which are performed on-demand, as well as automatically on a regular basis.
  • Azure Search to allow a seamless experience when working with search indexes.
  • Azure Cache for Redis used for server-side data caching, to further optimize the website performance.
  • Cloudflare CDN to ensure a pleasant user experience by reducing page and content load times.
  • Cloudflare WAF to ensure optimal security for the web application.
  • Azure Active Directory for easy user management and single sign-on.
  • Azure Security Center to ensure defense in depth with its ability to both detect and help protect against threats.

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