Add the ProjectMaster view to the navigation

After you Bug tracker: Create the bug tracker layout, you add the ProjectsMaster view to the Sitefinity CMS navigation. To navigate to the view, perform the following:

  1. Create a new Sitefinity CMS page.
    Name the page Bug Tracker.
  2. Select the “This page redirects to another page” checkbox.
    This allows you to specify an URL that this page will redirect to. The page will also appear in the navigation.
  3. Specify the URL to the ProjectMaster view.
    You can pass absolute or relative URL to the view. For example, you can enter: /BugTracker/Project. If you want to navigate to any of the views via links throughout the application, use the URL expression that you specified while mapping the route for this area and replace its parts with the correct values, for example /BugTracker/{controller}/{action}/{id}.

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