AccordionNewsList widget: Create the web user control

You first need to create a new web user control in your project in Visual Studio. The web user control will encapsulate the logic of the functionality of the new user widget. To create a new web user control:

  1. In Visual Studio, open your Sitefinity CMS project.
  2. In the context menu of your project folder and click Add » New Folder.
  3. Name the new folder AccordionNewsList
  4. In the context menu of the AccordionNewsList folder click Add » New Item… » Web User Control.
  5. Name the web user control AccordionNewsList.ascx
  6. In the context menu of the AccordionNewsList folder click Add » New Item... » JavaScript File
  7. Name the new file AccordionNewsList.js

You now need to implement the markup  of the widget. For more information, see AccordionNewsList widget: Implement the markup.

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