CSS classes: Search widgets

Following is the list of CSS classes applied to search widgets:

CSS class name  Class set to  Default HTML tag
sfsearchBox Wrapper of search box. <fieldset>
sfsearchTxt Search text field. <input>
sfsearchSubmit Submit search button. <input>
sfsearchResultStatistics Wrapper of statistic of the performed search (how many results were found for the input phrase). <p>
sfsearchResultsWrp Wrapper of search result list for both Titles, excerpts, URLs and Titles only modes. <dl>, <ol>
sfsearchReultTitleSnippetUrl Wrapper of search result list for Titles, excerpts, URLs mode. <dl>
sfsearchReultTitlesOnly Wrapper of search result list for Titles only mode. <ol>
sfsearchResultTitle Search result title. <dt>, <li>
sfsearchResultHighLighter Search result snippet. <dt>
sfsearchResultUrl Search result URL. <dt>
sfHighlight Search phrase. <strong>

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