RadCaptcha in the Login widget: Implement the markup of the custom Login widget

To enhance the Login widget with a RadCaptcha, you first need to create a custom Login widget in your project in Visual Studio. You need to implement the widget's markup by adding a RadCaptcha field. This field is displayed to verify a sequence of characters before proceeding with the password retrieval.

To create the custom login widget:

  1. In Visual Studio, open your Sitefinity CMS project.
  2. In the project's context menu, select Add » New Item » Web User Control.
  3. Name the new widget CustomLoginControl.ascx.
  4. In the CustomLoginControl.ascx paste the widget markup.

    EXAMPLE: For more information about the contents of the file, see CustomLoginControl.ascx to in Sitefinity documentation-samples on GitHub.

This is the code of the regular Login widget with the addition of the <telerik:RadCaptcha> field. You implement the logic of the field in the respective .cs file - in this case, the CustomLoginControl.ascx.cs file.

The <asp:RegularExpressionValidator> field checks whether the value entered in the mailTextBox is a valid email address. In case the value entered is invalid, the ValidationGroup of this field prevents post backs to the server, that is, prevents the page to be refreshed.

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